A Sweet Touch for the 2012 Edition of the Mezzocorona Expo




The Mezzocorona Expo, a trade fair hosted by the Mezzacorona wineries from May 25th to May 27th, will have a deliciously sweet touch this year. Thanks to the collaboration with Eurochocolate, the annual chocolate festival held in Perugia in October, there will be a very special event for all chocolate lovers: Chocolike!  

If you are addicted to the “Food of the Gods”, you cannot miss this opportunity to taste a wide range of chocolates from all over the world.  Appreciate them alone or in combination with wines, spirits and local products.

The official ChocoTaster of Eurochocolate, Simone De Castro, will lead visitors in a yummy trip to discover this tempting food through chocolate tasting sessions on Friday, May 25th at 7pm, and during the weekend at 11 am and 2.30 pm.


Do not miss a stop at the booth of “Costruttori di Dolcezza” (Manufacturers of Sweetness), where you will find innovative chocolate products, made with high quality and original packaging such as Choco-frames:  Picture frames entirely carved in chocolate bars, where you can insert your favorite sweet memory! Or such as ChocoLamps, that simulate cascades of chocolate, or Sweet Lies, a chocolaty reinterpretation of Pinocchio, the wooden puppet from the homonymous fairytale whose nose becomes bigger when he lies. He proclaims: “I do not like chocolate! ” Yet all around him there are tempting milk chocolate coins, ready to be unwrapped and eaten…


What are you waiting for? This weekend, no diet is permitted!!