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Happy Holidays

68_Happy Holidays from Mezzacorona - Copia


Craving some special cake for Holidays’ Season?

Try “Zelten”, this traditional fruitcake  is a typical Christmas dessert from Trentino Alto Adige and South Tyrolean Region.


What do you need:

200 ml water

20 g yeast

2 tbsp. sugar

150 g flour

100 g rye flour

15 g salt

1 tbsp. oil

1 tsp. aniseed

1 tsp. cumin

500 g dried figs, in cubes or strips

250 g raisins

120 g sultanas

120 g mixed nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts), broken into small pieces

120 g pine nuts

50 g candied lemon peel

50 g candied orange peel

50 ml white wine

3 tbsp. rum

70 g honey

1/2 tsp. grated lemon zest

1/2 tsp. grated orange zest

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1 pinch clove powder

1 pinch allspice

1 pinch nutmeg

walnuts, hazelnuts or blanched almonds and candied cherries, for decorating

honey or sugar syrup, to brush on



How to do it:


Mix the yeast and sugar together with warm water and let rise for 10 minutes.
Add flour, rye flour, salt, oil, aniseed, and cumin; knead well using a machine.
Cover, and let mixture rise for 30 minutes at 35 degrees Celsius.


Marinate the figs, raisins, sultanas, walnuts, pine nuts, almonds, citron, candied orange peel (soak in white wine beforehand) in rum and honey for at least an hour, until the Zelten acquires a good aroma.
Add the lemon and orange zest, cinnamon, cloves, allspice and nutmeg.

Mix the marinated fruits and nuts into the dough. Form the dough into round or elongated cakes and decorate with walnuts and almonds.
Place cakes on a baking sheet and let rest for 20 minutes.
Bake in preheated oven, brushing frequently with honey or sugar syrup, until they take on a rich brown colour. Let cool. Finish it with candied cherries.


Baking temperature: 170 degrees Celsius
Cooking time: 40 minutes


Enjoy your Holidays,

best wishes from all Mezzacorona Team

and do not forget to toast with our wines!



Win a trip to the Dolomites: A Sweet Escape to Italy!



To truly know something, it is important to return to its origin.That’s why we decided to organize a unique giveaway that will allow our fans and “aficionados” to win a trip to Italy, where the Mezzacorona magic happens.

By entering the sweepstakes you will have a chance to travel to our beautiful region: Trentino, in Northern Italy at the foothills of the Alps and Dolomites.67_Sweepstake_1


If that wasn’t enough, the lucky winner can fly with a guest, and choose the vacation package of their dreams: an outdoor adventure, a spa retreat or a culinary tour!
Trentino lies between the Alps and it is a fantastic place for outdoor activities: high slopes, rivers for kayaking, and many trails to discover in the forest.

If you’re in the mood for ultimate relaxation, Trentino offers beautiful spa resorts with all the luxurious amenities.

For the gourmands, we have many fine restaurants with dishes rooted in the culinary tradition of the region; a blend between Italian and Austrian cuisine.

Of course, the winners will have the chance to visit Mezzacorona’s winery and intimately observe the wine making process in order to experience all of the passion and work behind a bottle of Mezzacorona.

#ChooseYourMoment and enter the sweepstakes on our Facebook page now!






The grape harvest is a very demanding task at the Mezzacorona vineyard – hard work, precise attention to detail, patience, and the occasional glass of wine are all required!


63_vendemmia 2014

In the weeks before the harvest, our agronomists and winemakers evaluate every single field to understand the level of ripeness of the grapes, taking into account sugar content, acidity, ph and many other factors.

A few days before the harvest, the grapes are evaluated a second time to verify that they are ripe enough to be harvested. It is also important to sample and taste the grapes to assess the phenolic maturation.






In our beautiful region, surrounded by the Italian Alps, grapes are harvested completely by hand since the use of mechanical grape harvesters is not possible on the steep hills.

This allows us to very carefully handle the grapes in the vineyards. Only the best and most ripened bunches are collected, guaranteeing only the finest grapes to be used in our cellars.




This year’s harvest began on August 21st. During the first weeks we gathered Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay grapes starting in the flat areas of the vineyard and finished with the cliff-hanging vines. In mid-September we will continue with red varietals such as Merlot and Teroldego for ending with Moscato and Cabernet Sauvignon. 


Join us in raising a glass of Mezzacorona wine for a successful harvest in 2014!


64_vendemmia 3





Mezzacorona Wines and Barilla Academia: a perfect pair with authentic fare!


As one of the oldest and most traditional producers of Italian pasta, the Barilla brand has become synonymous with the art of Italian gastronomy.


To continue this tradition, Barilla opened Academia Barilla in 2004 to help promote and develop Italy’s culture of eating in New York. In 2013 the first Academia Barilla Restaurant was born: serving high-quality Italian dishes with fresh ingredients, and providing the ultimate dining experience.


Now, as part of this Italian culinary journey, you can enjoy Mezzacorona wines at Academia Barilla Restaurant!


We recommend pairing the crisp and refreshing Pinot Grigio with Linguine Mare Blu.





Moms Who Need Wine is a blog community of moms from across the globe and on Thursday, July 17th, they held a 2 hour #MomsNightIn Ustream event featuring Mezzacorona wines.


Over glasses of our classic Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, and Moscato, as well as our NOS Teroldego, Cliffhanger Vineyards Pinot Grigio and Cliffhanger Vineyards Red Blend, the moms compared tasting notes, gushed over favorite TV shows, and divulged personal details from their lives with chat participants from all over the world.

62_MWNW prodotti


Our PhD winemaker, Lucio Matricardi, shared his philosophy and passion for the wines through a YouTube video in order to help the moms experience our full bodied wines at their best.


After the final toast of the evening, newly minted #MezzacoronaMoms jumped from Ustream to Facebook to “Like” Mezzacorona and share their excitement from participating in the event. It was truly a fantastic #MezzacoronaMoment for the moms and the Mezzacorona brand alike!


Sip and stream the recorded MomsWhoNeedWine broadcast clips:


Watch Mezzacorona Wines Presented by Lucio Matricardi:



60_OrchestraThe passion and love for Mezzacorona Wines appears in sometimes unusual ways.

Check out what this young musician – Dan Newbie – was able to do with 34 bottles of Mezzacorona Wines.


He surely knows how to have fun with both full and empty bottles.

Ssshhh, silence, the orchestra is starting…..


Happy Birthday Mezzacorona

June 5, 2014, marks the 110th anniversary of Mezzacorona, one of Italy’s leading winery based in the Dolomites. While a lot has changed, the traditional values remain the same: Mezzacorona is dedicated to making great wine while preserving the environment and the culture.

58_110 Anniversary1

Twenty vintners founded Mezzacorona in 1904, when Trentino was still part of the Austrian Empire. To this day, Trentino has been a bridge between the German and Latin cultures – in fact, a combination of German seriousness and reliability together with Italian passion and creativity are rooted in Mezzacorona.

59_110 Anniversary

Today, Mezzacorona reflects a cooperative of more than 1,500 wine growers and is one of the largest estate-grown winery in Italy – as well as one of the leading certified sustainable wineries in Europe.

The vintners are still cultivating their love for the land and winemaking, in order to give us all the possibility to experience all their dedication and passion in every single sip of the Mezzacorona wines.

Happy Birthday Mezzacorona! Cheers!


Cliffhanger Vineyards from the Dolomites

             Reserve Quality Pinot Grigio and Proprietary Red Blend Wines                   

31_Mezzacorona_red varietals


As of June 1st Cliffhanger Vineyards Wines from Mezzacorona will be available in the US market.

Cliffhanger Vineyards wines are produced from tiny vineyard plots located on and around the steeply terraced granite faced slopes, and ledges of the Dolomite Mountains in Trentino, Italy.

Their strong roots penetrate the cracks in the granite subsoil in search of water and nutrients. These unique growing conditions and terroir produce perfect grapes for wines crafted on the “Edge of Perfection” – the closest one can come to such an ideal and extreme environment.

These wines are structured, refined, elegant and brightly flavored. The crisp air and  cool Adige River influence the microclimate and melting Glaciers provide these grapes with depth and structure.

“The Cliffhanger Vineyards style shows the passionate dedication of our farmers to cultivate grapes in extreme conditions” – explains winemaker Lucio Matricardi, PhD. “These wines reflect the character of the Trentino people: Strong and gentle at the same time”.


Cliffhanger Pinot Grigio



A reserve level quality 100% Pinot Grigio with an established pedigree; hand- selected lots of best grapes from the vintage.


Color: slightly yellow with a hint of green
Bouquet: rich and complex with floral and fruity notes
Flavor: aroma of ripe pear and chamomile, dry flowers, fresh melon and white peach. Partial Malo-lactic and touch of oak component add depth, texture and length


Made to drink alone, or, with food because of generosity of  both fruit and body. It pairs well with a ariety of light appetizers or with pasta with white meat suace and is perfect with fried and grilled fish.






A Reserve level Proprietary Red Blend of sophisticated Trentino indigenous grapes, such as Lagrein 30% and Teroldego 70%.


Color: deep ruby-garnet in color
Bouquet: intense and complex with a perfect balance of red fruits, and spicy notes.
Flavor: displays ripe red and black fruits, such as cherries and blueberries with a wonderful balance.
Notes of toasty oak, vanilla and spice add complexity.


This wine is as close as any vintner can come to expressing an ideal profile of grapes used in a blend. For the generosity of fruit and body it pairs well with seasoned cheese, red meat and game.




Cliffhanger Vineyards Wines: Beyond the boundaries of expectation!


Find out more on  Mezzacorona website  or watch our video





For the third time, Mezzacorona proudly announces its participation in one of the most socially important events in the food and wine industry:  Taste of Hope, the annual fundraising event organized by the American Cancer Society.

Taste of Hope is in its 9th edition and aims to enhance the awareness on the fight against cancer disease.

The event will take place in NY, at the beautiful 82MERCER on May 1st, 2014.

Thanks to the commitment to the cause at Vinitaly International, some of the leading Italian wineries will be showcasing and pouring their wines at this unique event, while guests will also have the opportunity to taste delectable bites provided by some of the New York’s hottest restaurants.

DSC01334 (800x532)
Mezzacorona will be there, supporting the fundraising by featuring its finest bottle of sparkling Rotari Rosè Trento DOC.

All proceeds will be donated to invest in cancer research.

For more information about the event and to purchase tickets,visit


Come join the event, support the cause!


After two successful editions, OperaWine, Finest Italian Wines: 100 Great Producers” ( has become the premier event to Vinitaly, welcoming all those who wish to experience the best that Italy has to offer.


This third edition, took place on April 5th in Palazzo della Gran Guardia in the heart of Verona, offers the opportunity to try the best wines presented by 100 greatest Italian producers selected by the magazine “Wine Spectator”.

Being the prelude of- Vinitaly, the most known international wine-fair, OperaWine aims to showcase the quality and diversity of Italian wines, presenting producers from all across Italy, who are recognized leaders in their regions, using the benchmarks of quality, innovation, historical significance and consumer acceptance.


Rotari Flavio Trento DOC Riserva 2006, a sparkling wine from the Dolomites and produced exclusively from Trento DOC fruit, will be featured during OperaWine. The grapes are hand selected and hand harvested from hills at an elevation of 1,100 feet located in the north of Trento, made exclusively from Chardonnay and aged for a minimum of five years. Consistently highly rated by major publications around the world, the wine is fresh, fragrant and elegant.


In addition, we are proud to announce that we are a very “social” winery. In order to create connections among the online community of Vinitaly, which this month reached a landmark of 100,000 Facebook followers, Opera Wine promoted a Twitter contest. From March 24 to April 4, Twitter users could vote for their favorite Opera Wine of 2014 – listed on the Opera Wine website – using the hashtag #bestoperawine.
Rotari Flavio Trento DOC Riserva 2006 won the prize as best wine on Twitter! Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!