Do you know when the harvest begins?


Today our vineyard managers explain how to determine the beginning of harvest with a simple rule. “If you know the time of full bloom, it is possible to predict with good accuracy the time of harvest of any grape variety.”

In the vineyards cultivated around Mezzacorona, the vines blossom around the third week of May, taking about 95 days for Chardonnay to be ready for harvesting. Comparatively, Teroldego, an indigenous red varietal whose name means “Tyrol’s Gold”, grows 112 days until harvested.



In 1987 the Chardonnay flowering began on June 14th and the harvest followed on September 16th. In 2007 the bloom started on May 14th and the harvest in mid-August. Thus, we are now harvesting a month earlier than we were only 20 years ago.


Clearly, the secret is out, something is changing in our climate.