Happy Thanksgiving!


Yes, you did. Last year your mother-in-law cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and with some sense of revenge you promised yourself and (quite proudly) your family to surprise them all next year with an unforgettable meal.

Now that Thanksgiving has arrived and you have yet to find anything sensational other than the traditional turkey, you regret your own words.  If you don’t want your dinner to be “unforgettable” in a bad way, we have found a solution that will save your dinner…with an Italian touch!

Look at the wonderful recipes that the Chef  Lorenzo Callegari gives to delight your guests, it will be a true success!




400 gr rice

100 ml white wine

1500 ml chicken broth

150 cooked pumpkin puree

70 gr grated parmesan

30 gr butter

20 slices of smoked duck breast


Chop the onion and sauté in a pan. Add the rice and let it toast, then sprinkle it with the wine. While stirring, pour the broth in and cook the rice for about 17 minutes.

Add the pumpkin puree, parmesan and butter, and let it rest covered for a couple of minutes.  Serve in the plates and add the sliced smoked duck breast each.






300 gr chestnut puree

100 gr sugar

200 ml double cream

400 gr whipped cream

100 gr milk chocolate

15  gr gelatin sheets


In a pen caramelize the sugar and add the chestnut puree.  Pour the double cream in and cook until the caramelized sugar is melted. Whisk well everything and let it cool down.

Soften the gelatin in cold water, squeeze it and let it melt in a small pot with some brandy.  Melt the chocolate, add the gelatin and the whipped cream. Mix the two compounds gently and fill the glasses of mousse.  Decorate with some fruit or persimmon sauce.


Enjoy with your favorite glass of Mezzacorona and do not forget to take a picture of your Mezzacorona Moment at Thanksgiving! (https://www.facebook.com/Mezzacorona)