Harvest Report 2012


Next week, in the Mezzacorona state-of-the-art facilities, the first bottles of the new vintage 2012 Pinot Grigio will be bottled. The new vintage production is always exciting: all of us cannot wait to hold in our hands the result of the harvest that just passed.


Harvest 2012 began around middle August. This early beginning of the harvest has become quite normal recently, but it was quite different in the past. As we discussed in one of our previous posts, the beginning of harvest is calculated about 90 days after the time of vine blossoming. In 1987 the Chardonnay flowering began on June 14th and the harvest followed on September 16th. This year the bloom started around mid May and the harvest began in mid-August. Thus, we are now harvesting a month earlier than we were only 20 years ago. Clearly, something is changing in our climate.


Looking beyond these climate changes that involved the whole world, we need to say that here in Trentino spring 2012 was pretty cold and contributed to the reduction in the overall yield. However, summer has been great, characterized by hot and stable weather that guaranteed a constant and perfect ripening of all varietals.


Red wines appear well structured, vivid and elegant, with a great fruitiness, while white wines stand out for their intense aromas, softer acidity and larger palates –especially our Pinot Grigio.

Thanks to a proper vineyard management performed throughout the year (which is the practice of leaf pulling to increase the sun exposure, a constant monitoring of the vines to prevent diseases, etc.) and the warm weather contributed to give the Pinot Grigio grapes an intense aroma: the traditional hint of pear is still present but the notes of white flowers and camomile are substituted by delightful notes of green apple, honeysuckle and peach.

The acidity is softer, but it preserves the crispness that has made our Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio so unique.


Looking forward to taste the new vintage? Don’t worry, it will soon be on its way to the States, with a huge surprise for the new year, but we will tell you more later on..stay tuned!