Autumn, with its amazing colors and flavors, has finally arrived and the harvest at Mezzacorona is almost over. Our farmers are still harvesting the latest red varietals, Teroldego grapes in the Rotaliana valley, in the north of the Mezzacorona estates, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in the vineyards located more south, close to the Garda Lake.


This year we could not have hoped for a better harvest here in Trentino. September 2013 was characterized by perfect weather conditions: beautiful, warm, sunny days and cold nights allowed for a perfect, ideal ripening of the grapes, especially for our Pinot Grigio, plus the ideal environment for our farmers to work in the fields.


In our region, grapes are harvested all by hand since most of the vineyards are planted on steep hills and the use of harvest machines is impossible. In many other wine regions in Italy, where vineyards are planted on flat and wider areas, harvest is all mechanized, allowing a huge saving in terms of time and labor costs. Here, at the foot of the Italian Alps, the territory configuration allows only manual harvest.


During this time of the year, we like to invite our customers to the vineyards to show them how grapes are harvested here at Mezzacorona. All families are on the field to help, from the white-haired grandfather to young nephews; all generations are involved during this important time of the year. The enthusiasm and happiness in the air during those days, walking through the vineyards and at the winery, is amazing.


It is the priceless reward for a year full of commitment, sometimes worry, but always passion, which we all put in our job. It gives back the family dimension that it is sometimes hard to recognize beyond the size of a company like Mezzacorona, but it is exactly what we are: a big family, committed and in love with its homeland, working hard to give the next generation the treasure preserved since 1904.


Raise the glass and toast with us, waiting for the 2013 new releases of Mezzacorona!