Roses & Vineyards



Spring has finally arrived. All around nature has begun to blossom, creating a colorful scenario that leaves both your eyes and your heart feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


You decide to take a stroll through the vineyards and you happen to see a lot of gorgeous roses planted at the beginning of each vine. You think the farmer might have a very thoughtful wife who just loves to give her personal, female touch to her husband’s vineyards –but the reason for doing so is not just a romantic one.


Even though now the roses have essentially a decorative function, in the past, they were used as an effective defensive tool for the vines. The farmers noticed that the roses were affected by a common vine disease called powdery mildew. Their beautiful roses were usually attacked one week before the problem manifested itself on the vine, an advanced warning that the grower’s would use to their advantage.


Now, research has developed more advanced methods to prevent this disease, but the farmers continue planting the roses in their vineyards for –what else? Their wives’ happiness!



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