Why Choose Screw Caps?

At the end of the 90’s some prestigious wineries started using screw caps for their premium wines. PlumpJack Winery in Napa Valley, for example, began using screw caps on their expensive Cabernets in 1997 and they had no trade fallouts.

In the following years, more and more wineries all over the world decided to adopt this new kind of closure in order to prevent consumers from experiencing a “corked wine”.


The introduction of screw caps has not been easy, though. At the beginning, many consumers associated the screw cap with low quality products, but now screw caps have gained widespread acceptance. Here are the main reasons why:


– They preserve the taste and smell of the wine;

– They prevent oxygen from entering the bottle;

– They reduce the sulphate content (antioxidants);

– They are easy to open and close;

– They are hygienically more secure;

– They increase shelf life.



For these reasons, screw caps are overtaking the cork as the preferred bottle closure by wine growers and winemakers alike.


They literally protect the fruit of their labor and now consumers are understanding the benefits as well.



Sometimes, though, consumers face some problems with opening screw capped bottles. Sometimes a screw cap is difficult to open, but in most cases you just need to follow a simple trick. If you try to open the screw cap by holding the bottle by the neck, it is more challenging to open, but if you hold it from the bottom, it shouldn’t be difficult at all!



Watch our YouTube video, featuring our winemaker Lucio Matricardi, who will show you how to open a screw cap bottle correctly!