Sip a glass of bliss while walking through the centuries: Mostra dei vini del Trentino 2012.


Mezzacorona is nestled in the heart of the Alpine Valley, in northern Italy. Trentino is renowned for its spectacular nature. In a journey of just a few miles, you can pass from the Alpine to the Mediterranean, hike the towering Dolomites –which were declared a  Natural World Heritage by Unesco in June 2009– or go sailing at the GardaLake, the largest lake in Italy, surrounded by palms and lemon trees.


Trentino is not only famous for its nature, but also because it’s a region rich in history. Proof is in the over 300 castles, fortresses and fortified sites that have become an essential component of the landscape. It’s a fascinating trip through history, and it cannot start anywhere but at Castello del Buonconsiglio in Trento. The Castle, a symbol of the city, dates back to the early 13th century and was where the Prince of Bishops took residence until 1803. It is a monument of extraordinary historic and artistic value, and well known for the famous “Cycle of  The Months”: a series of frescoes preserved in the Aquila Tower.  It’s a masterpiece of medieval art but also a time machine that transports you back to country life at the end of the 14th century, depicting work on the fields, tournaments, and declarations of love. Get lost in the scenes of grape harvesting and pressing, and let your mind wander amongst the art of winemaking and how it’s  traversed across the centuries, from ancient times to today’s reality.


This upcoming weekend, in the medieval halls of Castello del Buonconsiglio, one of the most awaited events for wine lovers will take place: The 76th annual Mostra dei Vini del Trentino (The Trentino Wine Show).


From Friday, May 18th to Monday May 21st, you can walk through the castle and meet the wine producers, enjoy great wine tastings, and enjoy some of the best food specialties from the region in the gorgeous gardens of the castle. You can even wander into the castle’s secret rooms (open to visitors only on rare occasions) and marvel at the actors performing in them.

If you happen pass by Trento during this weekend, do not miss the chance to come and visit Mezzacorona pouring its wines at Castello del Buonconsiglio, and you yourself can enjoy a sip of bliss while walking through the centuries!

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