Spring Arrives & Brings Environmentally-Friendly Practices to Mezzacorona

The sun is beginning to warm the grass beneath our feet and flowers blossom as animals awake from their winter sleep. Yes friends: spring has arrived!

In vineyards everywhere, the first sprouts begin to appear. And with those sprouts, bizarre insects.   As beautiful as rows of vineyards may look from afar, up close it becomes apparent that those bizarre insects need to be controlled in order to prevent damages on the vines.

Since the 90’s, Mezzacorona has been handling the management of common parasites like Lobesia botranaa nd Eupoecilia ambiguella through a modern biological system. This technique is now applied all over the Trentino region and also experimented abroad, like in California, where they have since seen successful results in the vineyards.

This innovative method consists of limiting the reproduction of harmful insects through pheromone over-stimulation.  In these days, the farmers are distributing between 400 and 500 dispensers for every 2.5 acres. These dispensers are simple tools that release pheromones which confuse the males so much so, that they stop reproducing.

This innovative method allows a proper wine-producing environment where the use of pesticides is practically zero.  This is just an example showing the commitment of Mezzacorona in reducing the impact of its activities on the local environment. In the early 1980’s, Mezzacorona issued “The Protocol for a High-Quality Wine Production in Trentino”, a proposal aimed at regulating the cultivation, new vineyards, green care and other processes in order to promote sustainable agriculture.

Further reduction of chemical treatments translates into the minimization of copper or sulphur residual in the wine. Water and energy management together with balanced vineyard usage increase sustainability and with 70% of the wineries being built underground the use of air conditioning in the cellars is significantly reduced. Photoelectric in conjunction with hydroelectric plants also fulfill the majority of the energetic needs and recycling is as a normal practice as adhering to other quality or environmental guidelines.

Just as seasons continuously change, we at Mezzacorona feel it important to be at the forefront of environmentally-friendly practices within our vineyards, willing and able to change with the times.

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