The Importance of Lighter Bottles for the Environment

Glass is still considered the best material used to preserve food and wine in particular, thanks to its chemical inertia that guarantees absence of transfers to the contents inside the package.

To produce a bottle of glass you need sand, soda ash

, and limestone -which all are abundant on Earth, but the process requires much more ENERGY than one would imagine.

The energy is needed to heat the components until they are melted, and is proportional to the amount of glass that has to be produced. A bottle of glass weighing 400 g results in the production of 1.15 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2), while a bottle of 800 g produces exactly twice the quantity of CO2, 2.30 kg.

In the time when the market trends dictates the use of heavier bottles, Mezzacorona has always clung to the concept that the content is more important than the container and has always used bottles lighter than the standard used by the competition.




410 g is the average weight of the bottles used by Mezzacorona.


500 g is the average weight of the bottles used by the competitors (in some cases the weight of an empty bottle of wine exceeds the wine weight of 750g).





The choice of using a lighter bottle results in reducing the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere: for every 10 bottles, there is 2.6 kg less emission omitted (which equals 1300 liters of gaseous CO2). In addition to direct energy saving, there is also a significative reduction of pollution, especially related to transportation and disposal.

Mezzacorona is evaluating the use of even lighter bottles, but many issues must be taken into consideration. While the increase in weight above 400 grams has only an aesthetic function, the reduction below this value may compromise its mechanical characteristics. Moreover, the use of lighter bottles shall guarantee equal security in terms of shipping and handling in order to protect our customers.

Our customers, who of course will be the first to hear of any changes as we evaluate introducing even lighter bottles into Mezzacorona’s repertoire!