The practice of “leaf pulling” in Trentino viticulture


“A good wine starts from a good vine.” This isn’t just a fun rhyme. Healthy, productive vines are essential to the winemaking process. At Mezzacorona we are lucky to have a passionate team of vineyard managers fully dedicated to their craft. They work side-by-side with wine growers, sharing their experience and knowledge to get the best  grapes from their vineyards and maximize their vines’ production.


In the immediate post-flowering phase, the vineyard managers suggest the grape growers to remove the excess leaves from the vines. This practice, called “leaf pulling”, is crucial in facilitating sunlight exposure and airflow around the grapes, making the clusters less susceptible to harmful fungal diseases. Furthermore, removing some of the leaves enables to vines to dry quickly, protecting the plant from bunch-rot infection.


This practice is extremely labor intensive, requiring from 80 to 100 hours per hectare, but it is absolutely necessary for a higher quality fruit production.