Toast the 108th Anniversary of Mezzacorona!


Exactly today, 108 years ago on June 5th 1904, twenty vintners founded Mezzacorona.  At that time the Trentino region was still part of the Austrian Empire, where different ethnic groups lived together in harmony.  Since the beginning of the 11th century, Trentino has been part of the German-Tyrolean area, even though being an Italian speaking country. This land has long been a bridge between the German and Latin culture. In fact, a combination of German seriousness and reliability together with Italian passion and creativity are rooted in Mezzacorona.


Since its founding, Mezzacorona has been made by people devoted to viticulture, deeply attached to their land, and united in their common purpose of enhancing the products of their diligent labor. This has been Mezzacorona’s mission even during the difficult days of World War I, after which Trentino was annexed to Italy. Then came the dark period of Fascism and the economic depression, until World War II, which brought huge damages on the people and land all over Europe.


Thanks to the strength of its vintners and a wise and forward-thinking management, Mezzacorona survived those difficult years and with the re-establishment of democracy and the free market, the company started to produce quality wines with renewed enthusiasm, enhancing the uniqueness of this land.




Starting in the 1970s, Mezzacorona strengthened itself by becoming a structured and organized group and widening its business –especially in Germany and in the United States, where it founded its own importing company in 1986:  Prestige Wine Imports Corp., headquartered in New York City.


The US soon became the first market for Mezzacorona and the consumers immediately expressed interest and appreciation in the elegant wines from Trentino, especially the Pinot Grigio, which Mezzacorona would become the lead producer of worldwide.


In those years Mezzacorona also launched the project of sustainability in all its vineyards cultivated in Trentino Alto Adige, promoting the use of green practices respectful of the environment in viticulture.


At the beginning of the 1990s, Mezzacorona started the “Cittadella del Vino” (Wine Village), an imposing architectural structure built on a 20 hectares area entirely dedicated to wine production and tourism.


Inaugurated in 2004, during the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the winery, the  state-of-the-art Cittadella del Vino represents today the house of all the Mezzacorona’s farmers and the base for the company for producing quality wines with a deep link to the land.



The history of Mezzacorona has been built in the heart of the magnificent Italian Alps and has grown thanks to the proud spirit of people who were and are still able to fight against everyday adversity. They have been cultivating their love for the land and winemaking for over a century and now we, and you, experience all their dedication and passion in every single sip of the Mezzacorona wines.



Raise your glasses with us as we toast: the 108th Anniversary of Mezzacorona!