Great recognition for Mezzacorona Cabernet Sauvignon


Have you ever tasted our Mezzacorona Cabernet Sauvignon? Well, if you haven’t yet, you should definitely do it, now more than ever!

The 2011 vintage is Wine Spectator’s #1 top rated Cabernet Sauvignon in the World under $13*!

“Well-focused and lightly juicy, this offers flavors of syrupy black cherry, black currant and spice, with a smoky base note” (Wine Spectator, as of the April 30th issue).


Cultivated in our own vineyards, grown in the north of Lake Garda, this Cabernet Sauvignon stands out for its great personality. Thanks to the presence of the lake, there is an exceptional microclimate that contributes to create a Mediterranean corner right in the foothills of theAlps.  Here grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, that prefer milder temperatures, find the perfect environment to express their full potential.


Characterized by a deep ruby red color, Mezzacorona Cabernet Sauvignon has an intense and complex bouquet, with spicy notes reminiscent of eucalyptus and sweet fruits, well integrated with the distinctive fragrance deriving from the maturation in oak. This wonderful wine is the perfect companion for a variety of food pairings like red meats, flavourful roasts, game and aged cheeses.


Nothing should be stopping you now from enjoying a glass of our delicious Mezzacorona Cabernet Sauvignon! Let’s toast with us!



*As of the April 30th issue and according to online archived data of Wine Spectator scores for the 2011 vintage as of April 1,2013. The next price-point at 87 points or more was $13.

Vinitaly 2013: Verona, April 7th – April 10th.



It’s Vinitaly time! From Sunday, April 7th to Wednesday, April 10th, Mezzacorona will be part of the prestigious Italian wine event with attendees from all around the world.  


Once again, Mezzacorona will be proud to showcase its full range of elegant and crisp wines from the Italian Alps. 


This year, though, is special for us because at the 47th Edition of Vinitaly we will officially present our brand new Mezzacorona label, introducing a new look for the same award winning taste. 


Come and visit us at Veronafiere, Pavilion 3, Booth B2, we are looking forward to meet you!  For more information, visit



Mezzacorona NOS at Operawine 2013


For the second year in row, Mezzacorona has been selected from Wine Spectator as one of the 100 best Italian wine producers handpicked to showcase their greatest selections at the 2013 Edition of Operawine.


Organized in collaboration with Vinitaly, the prestigious Grand Tasting will take place on April 6th in the heart of Verona, Italy. Limited to 500 people only, guests will have exclusive access to the winery owners and winemakers, who will pour their wines personally. A unique chance for wine lovers to learn the secrets behind their success on a very individual level.


Mezzacorona will participate in Operawine with our President, Luca Rigotti, and the winemaker Lucio Matricardi will present our Mezzacorona NOS Teroldego Rotaliano Riserva 2006.


This unique red wine is produced in limited volumes only in the best vintages, from manually harvested Teroldego grapes, cultivated at the foot of the majestic Italian Alps.

 NOS 2006 boasts a charming, silky style, a distinctive example of wine you cannot miss.


Come and visit Mezzacorona at Palazzo Gran Guardia in Verona on Saturday, April 6th from 5:00pm to 7:30pm. 


For more information, visit

Mezzacorona, how high altitude viticulture can be successful.



Here, on the granite-faced slopes of theDolomiti Mountainsin the Trentino growing region of  Northern Italy, Mezzacorona has been growing its own vineyards since 1904.

Harsh winters, short summers and perfect Alpine conditions provide very expressive grapes for these generously fruited and bold wines.


High altitude viticulture is certainly not easy to pursue. Many of our vineyard sites are tiny, precariously sloped plots where the vine must be strong and deep-rooted. Other than high costs for vineyards development and management, there is a wide range of factors that make growing high elevation vines a challenge. Temperature changes, difficult weather conditions, and intense radiations are just a few.

Apparently the mountain should not be considered the best choice for practising viticulture, but if the Trentino region –with its Alpine environment and climate conditions– can become one of the most important viticultural area in Italy and in the world, there most be a reason why. In fact, we’ll will show you there are many reasons why!


 “Bacchus amat colles” is an expression used by Romans to state that the hillside and mountain vineyards are the best growing areas, thanks to their exposition and soil composition which positively influence the vine development and grape quality.



Mezzacorona cultivates its own vineyards in Northern Italy from the gorgeous Lake Garda in the South to the foot of the snow capped Dolomites in the North. The region experiences a wide range of micro-climates, from Mediterranean to Alpine, that allow Mezzacorona to cultivate each grape varietal in the most suitable zone for it to express its full potential.



Mezzacorona vineyards are grown at different altitudes, ranging between 650ft asl to 2,300ft asl. When we talk about high altitude viticulture, it’s important to distinguish between the absolute relief, which is simply the difference in elevation between a given location and sea level and the relative relief, the difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points in a given area. (Source: Wine East, “First High Altitude Symposium” , November-December 2007).


In viticulture the relative relief is the most important aspect to consider. Vines planted at different altitudes develop differently, mainly because of temperature ranges and light intensity.


Here, at the foot of the Italian Alps, temperature lowers about 1°F by 300ft asl, affecting the vegetative activity of the vines.


 Moreover, at the latitude and altitude where Mezzacorona cultivates its vineyards, the atmosphere is more rarefied and UV rays increase about 3-4% every 800ft asl. High elevation vines generally have a shorter growing season, but can have higher rates of photosynthesis, more anthocyanins, more colours, and of course, more flavours which are found everyday in the Mezzacorona wines. All of this amounts to an authentic expression of our pristine environment!



Here in Italy people sometimes use fireworks to celebrate the New Year, and we considered doing just that.  But, we felt that something more spectacular was in order.  So…what better way to celebrate the fact that the World did not end on December 21st, 2012 than beginning 2013 with the launch of a complete new and innovative packaging?


We wanted to celebrate who we are and where we come from. We wanted to illustrate what we feel makes our Pinot Grigio so unique. So, we needed something light, bright, crisp and refreshing.

The ribbon-like silhouetted waves depicted on our new label represent exactly that, and the tranquil beauty of our Dolomite Mountain Valley homeland.


It is here, in this pristine environment, that this crisp, elegant wine has been made these past 109 years. Nestled at the foot of the majestic Italian Alps, the Adige River has carved us a viticultural masterpiece of a sunny alpine valley, prized for its hillside vineyards.


So now we have a new look, and the same Internationally acclaimed award winning taste. Our wines express the authentic taste you expect from the Mezzacorona brand, and their new stylish contemporary appeal gives your special moments a new dimension.


No matter what’s your moment, if you choose to pour yourself a glass of Pinot Grigio after a long day at work or to celebrate a special occasion with your family and friends, Mezzacorona always completes your special everyday moments, making your ordinary becomes extraordinary!



Emotionally evocative. We recently decided to beging a closer on-going dialogue wih our consumers through our Social Media Efforts in Fabebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. We have organized tasting panels and focus group in order to improve our understanding of their needs. They helped us reconsider and identify the importance of the communicating of the “emotional signature” of our Winery and brand.


We have been passionately tending our alpine vineyards since 1904, growing and producing Estate Grown wine of uncommon quality. When you take your first sip of Mezzacorona, your senses are involved in a journey that transports you directly here, to our gorgeous region, amid our beautiful mountains, crystal blue lakes and this natural paradise. Our wines express the authentic taste of our terroir. They are the Real Deal!


Our consumer suggested that we complete this experience for them by portraying this sensation in our labels. We hope that you agree that our new look better reflects who we are, and our true essence.


Won’t you share in a toast with us? And stay tuned, because more exciting news in on the horizon!


Best wishes from Mezzacorona!


Are you looking for a delightful recipe for your Christmas cookies? Here you will find something really special that will suprise your guests!



150 g brown sugar

500 g flour

150 g soft butter

120 g cocoa powder

250 ml fluid honey

2 small eggs

1 teaspoon baking powder

A pinch of salt

Orange peel and lemon


Mixed spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper and clove

(If you do not like spices, you can omit them).


Knead the butter and sugar, add the eggs, salt and the spices  and half flour mixed with the baking powder. While stirring, add the honey, the cocoa powder and the remaining flour. The dough will be very soft, but do not add anymore flour, otherwise the cookies will be too crunchy. Put the dough in the fridge and let it rest for a few hours.

Roll out the dough on a work surface dusted with cocoa powder: it will have to be about half a centimeter thick. Use your favourite cookie cutters and once you have dozens of sweet, nice Christmas shapes, bake the cookies at 180 ° C for about 10-12 min, be careful not to overcook them!

Let the cookies cool down and decorate them to you taste!


Best wishes from all the Mezzacorona Team and do not forget to toast with our wines!

Harvest Report 2012


Next week, in the Mezzacorona state-of-the-art facilities, the first bottles of the new vintage 2012 Pinot Grigio will be bottled. The new vintage production is always exciting: all of us cannot wait to hold in our hands the result of the harvest that just passed.


Harvest 2012 began around middle August. This early beginning of the harvest has become quite normal recently, but it was quite different in the past. As we discussed in one of our previous posts, the beginning of harvest is calculated about 90 days after the time of vine blossoming. In 1987 the Chardonnay flowering began on June 14th and the harvest followed on September 16th. This year the bloom started around mid May and the harvest began in mid-August. Thus, we are now harvesting a month earlier than we were only 20 years ago. Clearly, something is changing in our climate.


Looking beyond these climate changes that involved the whole world, we need to say that here in Trentino spring 2012 was pretty cold and contributed to the reduction in the overall yield. However, summer has been great, characterized by hot and stable weather that guaranteed a constant and perfect ripening of all varietals.


Red wines appear well structured, vivid and elegant, with a great fruitiness, while white wines stand out for their intense aromas, softer acidity and larger palates –especially our Pinot Grigio.

Thanks to a proper vineyard management performed throughout the year (which is the practice of leaf pulling to increase the sun exposure, a constant monitoring of the vines to prevent diseases, etc.) and the warm weather contributed to give the Pinot Grigio grapes an intense aroma: the traditional hint of pear is still present but the notes of white flowers and camomile are substituted by delightful notes of green apple, honeysuckle and peach.

The acidity is softer, but it preserves the crispness that has made our Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio so unique.


Looking forward to taste the new vintage? Don’t worry, it will soon be on its way to the States, with a huge surprise for the new year, but we will tell you more later on..stay tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Yes, you did. Last year your mother-in-law cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and with some sense of revenge you promised yourself and (quite proudly) your family to surprise them all next year with an unforgettable meal.

Now that Thanksgiving has arrived and you have yet to find anything sensational other than the traditional turkey, you regret your own words.  If you don’t want your dinner to be “unforgettable” in a bad way, we have found a solution that will save your dinner…with an Italian touch!

Look at the wonderful recipes that the Chef  Lorenzo Callegari gives to delight your guests, it will be a true success!




400 gr rice

100 ml white wine

1500 ml chicken broth

150 cooked pumpkin puree

70 gr grated parmesan

30 gr butter

20 slices of smoked duck breast


Chop the onion and sauté in a pan. Add the rice and let it toast, then sprinkle it with the wine. While stirring, pour the broth in and cook the rice for about 17 minutes.

Add the pumpkin puree, parmesan and butter, and let it rest covered for a couple of minutes.  Serve in the plates and add the sliced smoked duck breast each.






300 gr chestnut puree

100 gr sugar

200 ml double cream

400 gr whipped cream

100 gr milk chocolate

15  gr gelatin sheets


In a pen caramelize the sugar and add the chestnut puree.  Pour the double cream in and cook until the caramelized sugar is melted. Whisk well everything and let it cool down.

Soften the gelatin in cold water, squeeze it and let it melt in a small pot with some brandy.  Melt the chocolate, add the gelatin and the whipped cream. Mix the two compounds gently and fill the glasses of mousse.  Decorate with some fruit or persimmon sauce.


Enjoy with your favorite glass of Mezzacorona and do not forget to take a picture of your Mezzacorona Moment at Thanksgiving! (

Have you had your Mezzacorona moment lately?



Have you had your Mezzacorona moment lately? You know, that moment where just one sip of authentically pure Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio takes you to your happy place?

Yea, we’re talking to you! You got one?



It’s Monday evening, you get finally home after a long, tiring day.  You just need a Moment for yourself, to leave all the troubles behind for a while. Well, what’s about listening to your favorite playlist while having a glass of refreshing Pinot Grigio? Let your senses be guided through its mineral taste of pear, citrus, and green apple. Can you feel it? It comes directly from our estate vineyards cultivated in the heart of the majestic Italian Alps.


In about one month it will be time to celebrate Thanksgiving. Get your family together, cook your favorite food and toast with a glass of Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio. It’s the perfect wine to celebrate your special moments -those moments you want to share just with your loved ones.


Whether you want to have your personal Mezzacorona moment or enjoy it with your favorite company, let us know what yours is.  Like us on Facebook and describe your personal Mezzacorona Moment for your chance to win a fabulous trip to Italy for two!


First Snowfall of the Year!


When we woke up this morning, a surprise was waiting for us right outside our doors. The rainstorm had finally subsided and had given way to a clear, open sky. Just a few clouds were still hiding the mountain peaks surrounding the valley.



Suddenly the wind rose and blew away the last clouds and.. the snow appeared! The first rays of sun lit the top of the mountains where a layer of fresh snow had delicately fallen during the night. Like a canvas receiving the final touch of a meticulous painter, now the whole picture looks perfect: the snow is glistening on the Alps while down below the woods look great in their fall dress, and a fresh breeze blows over the Adige river, flowing gently into the valley.



This sounds like poetry, but the truth is that winter is coming and we are now ready to wear our coats, scarves and gloves. Even when we sit at the table, our senses want to find comfort in something warm. So, why don’t you try the Tiroler Gröstel  that Lorenzo Callegari, the chef at “Trattoria Vecchia Sorni”, prepared  especially for us? It’s one of the most traditional Austrian dishes, quite popular in our area as well, extremely easy to prepare, and absolutely delicious!



Tiroler Gröstel

(Roasted potatoes and veal)



6 Boiled potatoes cooked with their skins the day before

1 Poundof veal in small pieces

1 onion

2 Bay leaves


Peel the potatoes and cut into pieces of ½ inch in size. In a large skillet, add extra virgin olive oil and heat on high adding the potatoes and let them brown for 5 minutes.

In another pan, brown the meat with extra virgin olive oil and add the onion. When finished browning, cut into strips and add the veal and onion to the pan with the potatoes and continue to cook the mixture together for an additional 3 minutes, adding the bay leaves and salt and pepper to your liking.


Enjoy it with a glass of Mezzacorona, and look ahead to the winter to come!